"Succeeding in today's economy requires lightning-fast reflexes and the ability to communicate and collaborate across the globe." 

Succeed, Communicate, and Collaborate with NEW Works

Our Mission: 

Make Globalization and Innovation sustainable competitive advantages for our Clients.

Our Focus

Small to Mid-Market closely held companies
Value Added Distributors, System Manufacturers and OEM's
International Geographical Focus : South Asia, Middle East and North America

Our Expertise

Training and Workforce Development

Process Automation and Controls field talent management

Engineering and Technology Consulting

International Strategic Alliances
Intelligent Sourcing
Business Advisory
Global Marketing and Communication Strategies
Innovation Capability Strategies

Take Action:  Make globalization profitable in your business.  Contact us for a no-cost assessment of our mutual fit for a business engagement. 


quote from the article "The real reasons you're working so hard....and what you can do about it" 
By Michael Mandel, BusinessWeek, October 3, 2005.