NEW Works Water Management and Process Automation Courses (Download PDF Course List)

All courses use our hands-on, practical learning laboratory and is held at the Global Water Center, Flow Lab in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  For dates and times of courses, follow Schedule tab above.  Register here or use Contact Us link above.

GN101 Intro to Water Management  Course Duration: 1 hr. 0.1 CEU   Fees per person: $35
Introduction to Water Management System Laboratory - live demonstration of system and explanation of the water cycle. 

GN111 Overview of complete water management systems   Course duration: 4 hr. 0.4 CEU   Fees per person: $380
Overview of water management sub-systems and operations. Water extraction, purification, distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater transport, storm water management and wastewater treatment.

GN121 Water Industry Professional Prep  Course duration: 16 hr. 1.6 CEU  Fees per person: $1280
Industry terminology, freshwater extraction and treatment, water transport, wastewater collection and transport, and wastewater treatment systems. Hands-on experiments for various conditions of water use and natural events such as a major storm. Review of major industry technology and suppliers.

PA231 Water purification processes in modern water works 8hrs. .8 CEU   Fees per person: $960
Principles, practices and the desired function and operation of a variety of water treatment processes, including the flocculation and sedimentation. Learn the necessary techniques to create an environmentally safe effluent on the one side and to ensure healthy drinking water on the other side.

PA241 Safe and efficient fresh water transport and distribution Course duration: 16 hrs. 1.6 CEU  Fees per person: $1280
Understand pump types, operation, characteristics, and what influences pump performance in water supply. Learn relationship between pressure and volume flow rate in a piping system, how to control supply using different types of valves, fill levels of tower while water is consumed, significance of pressure zones in water distribution area, water loss and challenges faced in detecting leaks.

PA251 Key processes of wastewater transport and control   Course duration: 16 hr. 1.6 CEU   Fees per person: $1280
Transport of solids in sewers with varying flow rates in combined sewage sewer and study the effects of exceeding the hydraulic capacity. Dealing with sedimentation and impact of a blockage in sewer system, describe the role of a rain overflow basin and its components. The module traces the flow of wastewater from the public to the wastewater plant.

PA261 Fundamentals of modern wastewater treatment process  Course duration: 16 hr. 1.6 CEU   Fees per person: $1280
The efficient and economic layout of a treatment plant requires careful design based on flow rates, components of the raw wastewater and organic load, end use of the treated water, economic viability, site area available for installation and climate patterns – temperature and precipitation. Understand selection of process and type of treatment plant.

PA271 Monitoring, controlling and optimizing operations in water and wastewater treatment plants  Course duration: 16 hr. 1.6 CEU  Fees per person: $1280
New technology has opened doors for more efficient methods of controlling the distribution of water. Monitoring and controlling water and wastewater treatment plant processes helps ensure good water quality, prevent excessive dosing and undesired chemical concentration and energy costs. Includes sampling, testing, recording, and reporting results.

PA281 Energy optimization in water and wastewater treatment plants   Course duration: 16 hr. 1.6 CEU   Fees per person: $1280
An optimized system consumes less electrical power, results in reduced maintenance work and increases the life of operational units. Special focus on aeration. Energy optimization helps ensure environmental compliance.

PN331 Pneumatics for water management   Course duration: 24 hr. 2.4 CEU   Fees per person: $1980
Lower cost, system reliability, reduced complexity, ease of use and maintenance have all led to increased use of pneumatic drives in water treatment plants. This course provides insight into process automation and process reliability using pneumatics.

NEW Works Master Certificate Series

Complete a series of three or more PA courses and earn Master Certificate’s in;

Freshwater Systems

Water Transport Systems

Wastewater Treatment System

Intelligent Smart Water Management

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) has approved NEW Works course work for granting continuing education credits (CEU's). Learn more about continuing education providers approved by WDNR

Private Group Customized versions of our courses can be arranged.  We offer 15% discount for multiple registrants from the same organization registering for the same course taken together.  We are able to bring our laboratory equipment and our course material to your location for a custom group lesson and offering.  Please contact us to discuss your need and our solutions.